Lunaland Children's Day Care Centre

Whimsey Industrial Estate



GL14 3JA

Tel: 01594 827654

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About Us

We provide a safe and secure environment so that children can play and learn, where they can be creative and challenged both physically and mentally. We support the children to be confident, independent and highly motivated, able to form positive relationships and to work together, to be sensitive, able to question/problem solve, take risks, be respected and have their ideas valued. This is achieved by planning and resourcing a challenging environment which is open ended.

We support the children's learning through play activities, extending and supporting children's spontaneous play and by developing their language and communication. We talk to them, answer their questions and encourage discussion within the group. Most importantly we listen. We believe the voices of young children need to be heard and their voice is evident within our planning and our everyday practice.

All children have a learning story book, this encourages the children to reflect on their past learning and to discuss those learning experiences with both staff and peers.

We know the importance of forming strong attachments with the children from day one. Before starting nursery we ask that the child attends for 2 x 2hour sessions to settle in. Quality time is spent with their trial key-person with lots of play and time to tune in to the children's needs and interests. Once the child has started in nursery the child's opinion is sought as to whom their key-person should be.

Children are encouraged to express their feelings, whether they feel happy or sad. We give the children lots of praise and encouragement and always celebrate their achievements.

All children need to be listened to and learn to listen. Children are encouraged to talk to us as well as one another. We model good listening. The children are given lots f opportunities to develop their writing skills and are provided with a range of tools and equipment. Their efforts of early mark making are treasured, they are displayed, taken home and placed in their learning stories.

Each room has a role play area and a book corner. The children are encouraged to participate in listening games, singing and playing rhyming games. They also make their own books, for example 'how we made .......'

Babies and children discover and enjoy shape, space and measure, problem solving and numeracy every day. They have a wide range of resources and activities which include treasure baskets, exploration table, sand, water and cooking.

We have a number of outdoor toys and a large area in which the children can play and investigate. We have a growing garden, dependent on the season this may be inside as well as out. We plant vegetables and flowers and watch them grow together.

The children are often taken on walks to visit places of interest as well as seasonal trips for example visiting Father Christmas. We also have a number of visitors to the setting including, the dentist, Firemen with their engine as well as the ambulance service.