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Working in partnership with parents

We believe that children benefit most from early year's education and care when parents and settings work closely together.

Staff and management are always available to discuss their child's needs and development. Parent's evenings are held twice yearly and are always popular and successful. Parents are asked to sign in at the beginning f the evening and leave a comment when they leave. We discuss the child's progress and parent's receive a written progress report on their child.

Babies and toddlers have daily diaries, these are a great communicational tool and have huge benefits to the child, parent and nursery.

Each child has a learning story book. Parents have access to these books and are welcome to take them home so that they can discuss with their child all aspects of the child's day in nursery and their child's learning. Parents are asked to comment on what they see as well as contribute ideas and knowledge of their child's interests. Monthly newsletters are available on this website advising parents of important matters, dates etc.

We value parents input and endeavour to chat with parents daily. The reception area is homely and informative. The walls display articles of interest and the parent table has files containing policies, staff qualifications and a parent comment book.

To encourage parents to be involved in nursery life we ask that they contribute ideas for improvement/progression. We do this by sending out a questionnaire. We always display the results and their comments. We take on board any ideas for improvements and where possible implement them. The parents are very supportive of Lunaland and we have a vast selection of cards and letters telling us so. Our parents feel secure in the knowledge that they can talk to us openly and honestly. We build relationships from the first point of contact 'the show round'. Our parental relationship continues to grow with the child. At the 'show round' prospective parents are asked to complete a short questionnaire, this gives us an insight into their first impression.

Our monthly newsletters remind parents that their views and opinions are valued and that we are always there to listen.

All children are unique individuals with different interests and needs. At Lunaland we value those interests and plan activities around them. Parents contribute to their child's learning by regularly updating a 'More about me' booklet which gives us lots of information on the child at home. Parents also donate items of interest.